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RISE UP! Download Package

RISE UP! Download Package

Most churches spend anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 (and some even more!) to develop a theme, graphics, and materials for an initiative like what RISE UP! is offering. But we know finances are tight and that time is of the essence, so we're providing everything you need to successfully implement RISE UP! in your church for just $2,999.


"In 2017, Rush Creek, the church my family attends, employed a new strategy known as a one-fund initiative. The team invested an entire year and spent over $200,000 in consulting fees, travel, and design expenses. Rush Creek surpassed their goals and even after the conclusion of the two-year initiative, giving at the church continues at a rate well above their historical metrics. They didn’t just grow giving; they grew givers." - Bart McDonald, Executive Director of the Southern Baptist of Texas Foundation


"We used the principles found in RISE UP! to help refocus our 140-year-old church. The results were unbelievable. We saw an increase in engagement across the board, including involvement and giving. In the first 3 months, our people gave an extra $250k towards our debt and after 6 months we're already at 50% of our 2-year goal! Most importantly, we have a clear, unified direction and our church is eagerly moving forward. The upfront financial investment is nil when compared to the return. In our church, the investment paid itself off in a matter of weeks." - Jared Wellman, Lead Pastor of Tate Springs


The RISE UP! download package is a small investment that offers a great return in a moment of great need.


Your download package includes:


The Playbook

A detailed, 90-page manual for leading RISE UP!  This manual will guide you through every step of the RISE UP! initiative.


Logo and Graphic Package

Developing a theme and logo can take a lot of time and energy. This logo and graphic package saves you the hassle of having to create your own theme, color scheme, and graphics. It includes 14 versions of the RISE UP! logos and graphics to promote the initiative on your website and social media.



Most churches don't have a marketing or graphics team to create pamphlets or workbooks, and even if you do, it's incredibly time-consuming. Our publications package includes:


  • A personalizable handbook for your members that will walk them through every element of RISE UP! This is a professional looking booklet you will be proud to print and share with your people. This is necessary for helping your people understand and get behind this initiative, and all you need to do is customize it to fit your church!
  • An editable Tri-Fold pamphlet that covers all the basics of RISE UP! with your leaders. This is the pamphlet you will use to share about the initiative with your church's greatest influencers.
  • A Commitment Card to pass out on Commitment Sunday. 
  • Customizable "Cup Bearer" and "Bricklayer" Invitations for your special events to bring awareness to your leaders.



This package includes an introduction video to show your people in services and at events as well as a "sermon bumper" you can play before your sermons. These are super helpful resources in our visually-oriented age.




You can get access to this download package in a matter of moments. Once you purchase the downloads they are sent directly to your inbox. Getting these downloads will help you save precious time and money as you prepare to lead your church out of this crisis. Also, if you don't like what you see, you can request a full refund within seven days.


Get this download package today and turn the present crisis into an opportunity for a new beginning in your church!

  • Refund Policy

    We are convinced you will see the incredible value of these downloads, but if after purchasing the download package you feel it doesn't fit your church, you can request a full refund within seven days of purchase.